What Causes Foul Stool or Feces Odor?

Foul-smelling stools can be very embarrassing. They usually have to do with an unhealthy digestive system caused by bacterial imbalance which causes the putrid smell, and should be treated. Foul-smelling stools what causes stinky stool? Foul-smelling stool or feces is a taboo subject not often discussed. While we recognize that feces has an unpleasant odor, the smell is quite common. Foul-smelling stools or bowel movement occurs primarily as a result of intestinal flora and bacterial imbalance, usually due to a poor diet, but can also be caused by certain antibiotics as well as other treatments. 

An unhealthy diet leads to poor digestion, bloating, fatigue and low vitality, slow colon and intestinal obstruction. Bad breath, body odor and a terrible dull skin can develop in conjunction with fecal odor, then it may be an accumulation of waste and toxins in your body. Some people experience very smelly stool, which can, with certain serious diseases such as ulcerative colitis disease or Crohn's disease may be associated. Considerations Feces tend to smell unpleasant, but this is recognized as fairly common. Stools that have a very bad or unusual odor may be due to certain underlying medical conditions. Foul-smelling stools also have normal causes, such as changes in diet. Bad smelling stools can also be caused by; * Celiac disease - sprue * Crohn's disease * Chronic pancreatitis * Cystic fibrosis * Intestinal infection * malabsorption * Short bowel syndrome If after trying our program and if your symptoms persist, you should contact your healthcare professional. You will still qualify for a 100% Money Back Refund!
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